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Resilience. Good Governance. Community Engagement.

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Elisabeth Watson with Border Collie Beau at Sea Ranch

Meet Elisabeth Watson

Sea Ranch Board Member & Candidate

My husband and I bought our home on Tallgrass 10 years ago after falling in love with the natural beauty of The Sea Ranch. But it is the people, our members, that make TSR truly special. You’ll often hear me say that “You come for the views, but you stay for the people.” Our community is rich with wisdom, experience, passion, intelligence, and purpose.


It is our community, our membership, that motivates me to serve now.

The Board of Directors appointed me to fill a mid-term vacancy in August, and it has been a fascinating, challenging, and rewarding experience. It would be an honor to continue serving our community.  Read more

A Voice for
Good Governance

Elisabeth stands for

Putting resilience at the center of TSRA's decision making

Governing in an effective, efficient, transparent, and responsive way

Objective and data-driven analysis

Promoting community engagement

Watch Elisabeth's interview on "This Sea Ranch Life" discussing her appointment to TSRA Board of Directors in August 2022.

Taking Action, Getting Results

Rich history of volunteer involvement

TSRA Board Member

Sea Ranch Connect Task Force

Trails Committee

4th of July Celebration Organizer

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“Elisabeth has an open, independent mind and an abiding love for The Sea Ranch. She has demonstrated she is a thoughtful Board member who does her homework and listens to all viewpoints. Elisabeth has our vote.
 Bill and Sara Snyder

An Extraordinary Group of TSR Residents Support Elisabeth, including... 

Marti Campbell

past TSRA Board Member & Sea Rancher of the Year
Jackie Gardener

past TSRA Board Member 
Drew McCalley

past TSRA Board Member 
Neil Moran

past TSRA Board Member
Jim Nybakken

past TSRA Board Member & Sea Rancher of the Year 
Marcia Nybakken

Sea Rancher of the Year
Bonnie Plakos

Sea Rancher of the Year  
Jennifer Ruffolo

Utilities Committee chair
Dibby Tyler

past TSRA Board Member & Sea Rancher of the Year 

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upcoming events
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Upcoming Events

April 21

May 6

May 7

May 26 

May 27

Ballots mailed to homeowners. Please vote!

Meet Elisabeth at TSR- RSVP

Meet Elisabeth at TSR - RSVP

Mail-in ballots due

In-person voting 10AM-12PM, Del Mar Hall

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