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Elisabeth is knowledgeable and well-prepared, while also open-minded and willing to discuss other points of view. She strives to make decisions based on facts rather than opinions and to balance all members' needs with The Sea Ranch's unique values and traditions. She is a very effective director who is committed to getting things done.
I heartily endorse Elisabeth Watson.
Jennifer Ruffolo
Chair, Utilities Committee

We Support
Elisabeth Watson

Nirmal Merchant    
Kevin Fukuda    
Marilyn Green    
Drew McCalley,
past TSRA Board Member 
Marti Campbell, past TSRA Board Member & Sea Rancher of the Year 
Adena Svingos    
David & Diane Goldsmith    
Leah Branson    
Krescent Carasso    
Jasper Speicher    
Jackie Gardener,
past TSRA Board Member 
Bonnie Plakos, Sea Rancher of the Year  
Babette St. Pierre-Casad
Cynthia Hogan    
Meserve Platt    
ard & Lu Lyndon 
Mike Tunnell

Carrie & Jeff Gordon

Chris Rivers

Leilia Minerva-Rivers

Sandy & Debbie Lombardi-Lytle

Don & Diane Rhett

Robert Hesterberg
Monica Martinez
Krista Hanson

Megan Bellue

Mark Watson
Donnalynn Chase
Geoff Scott

Paula & Steve Smith
Cynthia Bogolub

Jean Yang

Connie King

Pauline Chew
James Curley

Dibby Tyler, past TSRA Board Member & Sea Rancher of the Year

Sara & Bill Snyder    
Jennifer Ruffolo    
Marc Holmes    
Gregg Tosello    
Alain Duguay    
Malcolm Slaney    
Sara Anderson    
Jim Nybakken,
past TSRA Board Member & Sea Rancher of the Year 

Marcia Nybakken, Sea Rancher of the Year

Sandy & Mark Ostrau    
Bette Covington    
Neil Moran,
past TSRA Board Member 

Bryce Hoffman
Gretchen Meyer-Hoffman
Jess & Carole Garcia

Eric & Jacky Agnew

Chris & Pat Kenber
Scott Smith

Peter Youtz, Sea Rancher of the Year
Teresa Youtz
Kimberley Lakes
Laurie Mueller
Leigh Mueller, 
past TSRA Board Member

David Pilati
Kerry Gardner

Peter Kools

Stacy & Kurt Fuchs

Jon Rosenberg

Beverlee French

Judi & Bob Yeager
Ramiro Sarmiento

Hilary Kambour
Kay Martin

Mike Reyer

Thomas & Regina Hughes

Christine Cocanour

Anne O'Donnell

Brian Chae

Leigh Anne Lindsey

Kim Cottingham

Kay Dryden, past TSRA Board Member 

Lisa Lomenzo

John Holmgren

Michele Chaboudy, past TSRA Board Member 

Eron Floury

Jack & Marsha Dupre

Seema & Sumon Mazumdar

Deb & Steve Scholey
Jim Flessner, 
past TSRA Board Member
Susie Flessner
Kristen Haring
Crista Lucey
Jim DeWilder, 
past TSRA Board Member
Louise DeWilder
Margery Entwisle
Meri Issel
Patricia Reedy
Les Grober
Marilyn Koski
Mark & Kathy Crawford

Malay & Beverly Thaker
Robert Gabriel
Doug & Marilyn Thompson

Tristan & Tom Colson
Greg Walter
Peter Farmer

Bob & Amy Van Syoc
Jessica Seaton
Keith Wilson

Rob & Annie Bedichek
Fritz & Susie Brauner
Craig Rice

Monty Anderson

Steve Chinchiolo

Jon Loveless
Tricia Schuster

Doug Paul

Gordon Soares

Loren Adrian

Donna Karch, past TSRA Board Member

Steve Karch

Elisabeth Ryzen

The Sea Ranch Hosting Coalition

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